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Are you tired of settling for homes that don’t quite fit your lifestyle? While self-build only accounts for a small percentage of new construction in the UK, it’s the best way to own a home that’s exactly what you want.              5 Experts You Need on Your Team – 2021

You don’t need to be wealthy to self-build your dream home. Whether you want a modest home or a grand estate, it’s possible to self-build a home that’s tailored to you. However, you can’t do it alone. You need a team of qualified professionals to turn your dream home into a reality. These are the five professionals to hire when self-building a home.

1. A Mortgage Broker

Nearly one in three UK consumers overpay for their mortgage loans. When your situation is complex — such as applying for a self-build mortgage — you’re even more likely to get an unfavorable mortgage. Not all banks offer self-build mortgages and those that do often require higher rates and deposits compared to traditional mortgages.

Mortgage brokers help borrowers compare loans to find the most affordable mortgage. By looking beyond the monthly payment to examine how interest, amortization, and fixed and variable rates influence total loan costs, mortgage brokers prevent you from making a decision without fully understanding your loan offers. UK mortgage brokers are regulated by the Financial Services Register.

2. A Planning Consultant

A planning consultant guides you through the planning application process and negotiates the terms of planning permissions. The advice of a planning consultant is especially important for properties with restrictions, covenants, or easements that affect what and where you may build. A planning consultant will evaluate the likelihood that a planning application will succeed and execute appeals as necessary.

To avoid purchasing an unbuildable plot, involve a planning consultant early in the self-build process. Find a planning consultant through the Royal Town Planning Institute, the accrediting body for planners in the UK. Users can search by postcode to find an RTPI planning consultant in their area.

Would you rather avoid the trouble of negotiating planning permissions? Serviced plots come ready to build with planning permissions and utility connections in place. However, the convenience of serviced plots comes at a premium cost.

3. A Chartered Surveyor

While a planning consultant determines whether you’re permitted to build, a surveyor assesses whether a plot is fit to build. In addition to establishing property boundaries, a surveyor measures topography, assesses soil conditions and flood risk, identifies the nearest utilities, and marks trees, buildings, and other physical features present on a site.

In the UK, surveyors are chartered by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS), which maintains a listing of chartered surveyors. While a professional survey is an added cost to your self-build, it’s well worth avoiding expensive surprises after purchasing a property.

4. An Architect

An architect is a professional who takes your self-build vision and turns it into a reality. The best architect is one who has experience designing self-build homes in your price range. It’s also helpful to look over an architect’s portfolio to see if their work aligns with your tastes.

All architects in the UK must register with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). When evaluating quotes from architects, look beyond the estimate. The scope of services provided varies from firm to firm. Get as many details as possible to accurately compare quotes. Clients should also ask whether an architect charges per hour or based on a percentage of construction costs.

5. A Builder

Once planning permissions are in place and designs complete, you’re ready to build. Some people opt to self-contract their build, but this isn’t advisable. Self-contracting rarely saves as much money as you expect while adding stress to your self-build. Self-contracting also exposes you to risks and liabilities.

When you work with a general builder, you only have to liaise with one firm instead of a roster of tradespeople. Your builder also sources construction materials and deals with logistical matters like building inspections. For a truly turnkey option, work with a builder like Avant-Garde Construction that offers architectural services in addition to construction.

Trade associations including the Federation of Master Builders and the National Federation of Builders maintain registries of UK builders. However, the best way to find a builder is through references.

It’s true that self-building attracts buyers with a can-do attitude. However, that doesn’t make it wise to manage a self-build from start to finish alone. It’s possible to design a home that’s all yours while working with professionals who understand the particulars of planning, designing, and building a home.

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