Until Death Renovation Do Us Part

Dot-dot-dot, hopefully not! Although many people would agree that renovation at home can be a truly dramatic time. Ideal, long-awaited changes can rapidly turn into the worst nightmare. Especially when you and your beloved one have different visions on how your renovated nest should look like. In addition, budget often melts quickly with unexpected expenses and you might feel that your partner doesn’t understand you in this madness. Unfortunately, these are real stories, and probably sooner or later, you’ll experience it. Fortunately, there are a few tips on how to survive together and do not let renovation separate you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even fall in love with each other all over again! First owned property or a long-planned makeover of your common apartment is usually prime and the biggest project for a couple. Some say the best foundation is to compromise. A frank definition claims that a compromise is when both people are equally dissatisfied. But your home must be a lovely, cozy, and enjoyable space for both. It’s impossible to divide a room and arrange it according to two different styles. That’s why it will be an important lesson of mutual understanding and cooperation.

It’s worthwhile to forget about gender roles and focus on real interests and abilities. Not every man has to have knowledge about plaster finish and not every woman has to know how to match colors. You are in this together, creating your new space for the common good. While renovating side-by-side, you’ll get a class of achieving agreement too, which probably is going to boost deeper involvement into the project and surely will benefit your relationship. A natural thing is that the two of you might have various concepts regarding new interiors. It’s crucial not to assume that the second person already knows every bit of your vision. Communication through visualization is an easy way to show, for example, what exactly you mean by saying “let’s keep it classy with a hint of glam”.

Before building contractors, renovation advisors, and interior designers will enter your house with ready equipment, collect ideas, and try to create a presentation or a mood board for your partner. It will allow explaining the concept possibly the most precise way. While presenting your vision, it is advised not to use words that suggest that it’s the only or the perfect solution. Finding the right, non-judgemental phrases and time for each other is doubly important at the time of home renovation. Same as developing patience towards each other, towards surroundings, and in relation to circumstances. It’s likely that irritation will become your bread and butter at some point. In case of emergency, break the strife and call a renovation specialist, who will show up as a firefighter to extinguish your problems, providing ultimate solutions.

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