Traps to Avoid When Renovating an Old House

Traps to Avoid When Renovating an Old House

Renovation is always a challenge, no matter if you decide to renovate an apartment or a detached house. Challenges spiral while renovating an old house and problems may arise too. Modernity enthusiasts are in majority, although more and more people buy an old home to remodel it according to their needs. It is more economic, even with restoration costs, it usually turns out to be less expensive than purchasing a new house. However, there are necessary things to know before a renovation dream will turn into a nightmare. Budget is one of the reasons for renovating an old mansion instead of building one or purchasing a new property. With restoring a house come possibilities to adapt it as per needs. Undoubtedly, another advantage is a retro aesthetic that can be used effectively even in modern interiors and which cannot be imitated in new homes. Although, sometimes old houses can have hidden problems that only a professional building contractor can deal with. Five basic elements that should grab your attention are windows, materials, wiring, water pipes, and roof.



Leaking Nightmares

An owner should know everything about the water system in the house. As in old houses, almost everything is possible, we suggest double-checking even when it comes to basics. For example, the availability of warm water in a kitchen can be a result of a heater placed under the sink. In such a case, providing warm water to the kitchen will be an additional cost. If pipes are too old, there might be a leakage or a damaged valve which is not visible at first sight. Water might be dripping underneath for a long time, destroying the wall and floor. With such a scenario, a complete renovation of a bathroom would be the only way out of the situation. A leaking roof can bring many problems too. It is crucial to check it properly and renovate if needed when weather permits to fix the roof without causing major inconvenience.



Safety First


Even a few decades ago, safety and security guidelines were not so widely implemented as nowadays. While inspecting an old house, it is best to be informed about the history of the property from whole to the part. Some houses might be constructed with toxic materials, like asbestos which can cause respiratory problems after prolonged exposure. To check and to be informed before taking long-term decisions is better than filing legal actions which are often unpleasant, difficult, and time-consuming. Also, electrical patterns changed through the years and what was considered safe a few decades ago, may not longer be safe now. Problems with wiring depend on the age of the house. Wiring which was appropriate for an old home, probably will not be sufficient for a home in 2020 with more appliances and gadgets. An opinion of a professional can significantly impact the price if there are major works to be carried out. There are many other aspects to be considered when planning an old house renovation. It can be a great investment even with the calculated cost of needed repairs. What was the biggest or an unexpected challenge in the case of your renovation? If you are planning small or big changes at your home and do not know how to make it through, do not hesitate to contact us.

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