Top Common Interior Mistakes

Turning dreams into reality is a goal for many.

Probably every person knows the unpleasant feeling when a detail bothers so intensely that it’s impossible to stop thinking about it. Even worse when it’s not a small thing. There is plenty of tiny stuff which have a strong influence on the final impression of a finished apartment or a renovated house. When an architect enters, he or she sees it all. Are you ready to find out what might be wrong or simply done better in your interiors? Please do not be mad at us! The more mistakes we make and realize, the more we learn. Let’s look into top common interior mistakes.

It can start as soon as with the project itself. Wiring design and its ergonomics are the flagships for comfort living inside an apartment or a house. Not well-planned or incorrect arrangement of sockets and switches does not support easy living in a new home. While building a house, such mistakes as, for example too small windows and their wrong placement, are the most common mistakes. Many people regret investing in balconies as well if they own a garden. Another aspect which should be rethought twice, if not thrice, is a one-story house instead of putting upstairs which, for many people, turn out to be uncomfortable later in everyday living. Although, if you dream of having stairs or they are already in the house, it is advisable to remember that the wider the stairs are, the easier it is to use them. The common troublesome factor for apartments and houses are too dark floorings, white grout, and poor quality tiles. The main reason for that is difficulty in keeping such floors neat and clean, especially after few years. Last, but not least, saving on materials, finishing, and on renovation experts – it is never a happy ending when one decides to save money on a construction company or a building contractor’s services.

Another group of the most popular interior mistakes is more about the final touch, what makes it easier to fix, if you happen to be guilty of any of the following mistakes: • furniture stuck to the walls, placed next to the walls only, what makes a room looks smaller in many cases • lack of storage space, a properly designed home has planned storage sections because the mess is the biggest enemy for every house, even the most beautiful one • miserable lightning – sources of light and their amount is highly important as it helps to create cozy space that boosts life energy and extends the room visually • curtains and their ratios, not many people know how huge difference a properly hanged curtain can make. It is encouraged to set a curtain rail about 2 inches below the ceiling, curtains should slightly touch the floor and ideally should lay open to 14-18 inches away from the window • wrong rug size and its orientation, the picture below will help you to understand how to avoid this mistake

We hope these tips will help you in planning, rearranging, and creating the interiors you desire to live in. Sometimes a small change or more time dedicated to designing makes a huge difference for everyone around. You can contact us if you look for a construction company in Eastbourne East Sussex. Our experts are some of the best professionals in electrical services, wiring, carpentry, and many more!

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