A Peaceful Refuge in Summer? Start Landscaping Before Spring!

Why verdant above is so important for our health?

Who does not dream about relaxing afer a long day at work in a charming, verdant abode? It is scientifically proved that green, leafy areas have a beneficial influence on our nervous system and a protective effect on mental well-being. We are quicker to recover from stress and less likely to experience depression, if we spend some time in nature or around plants. That is why creating greener and better planned space around the house is a wise step to take for improving overall health. It is completely understandable that some already think of upcoming spring. Today we would like to provide you with top ideas for landscaping, but not only, as it can be yard-scaping, patio makeover or balcony upgrade as well. The best suggestions for rearranging outdoor space around the house so that you can be ready with a thoughtful plan for a peaceful, green refuge before spring comes

Plan, Store, Love

Let us tell you a secret. When you will plan your storage space well, you will love your bathroom more as it gets more simple to keep it clean and organized. Glue to stick serene and functional is called good storage in this case. Few cabinets hidden here and there, some baskets or a big and solid drawer to fit all the tiny essentials which will not look good lef outside. Do not let toiletries and make-up products ruin your new bathroom look. Building contractor will likely have years of experience and will help to maximise storage space and functionality. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, here is a smart tip to remember. We suggest to go for towel bars instead of hooks, as towels will dry quicker hanged on rods in a windowless bathroom. Another life-changing thing might be organizing a dedicated place for electrical items, such as hair-dryers, shavers or toothbrushes. While planning storage space, it is advised to think of outlets too. They cannot be located above or closer than 36 inches to the bathtub, but one has to be placed within 36 inches of the sink’s edge. Super practical solution is an electrical outlet inside a built-in cabinet. Also, you know that in a medicinal cabinet can be kept everything but medicines, right?

Things Nobody Tells You About Bathroom Renovation1

Things Nobody Tells You About Bathroom Renovation1

Ventilate and Save

According to experts, a standard bathroom renovations project will help enhance the overall energy eficiency of your home by around 10% which means it will help you save a nice amount of money each year. Properly ventilated space, extractor fan and heating system can contribute to that. A window is great too, but sometimes it is not enough to keep away moisture, musty air and moulds. Size of exhaust fan must be compatible with the size of your bathroom. The ventilation requirements for a bathroom are 15 litres per second / 54m3 per hour. You may take a look at combination units, such as heater, light and ventilating fan all in a single device. Proper bathroom ventilation isn’t just a mater of comfort, but a code requirement.

From the dirtier to cleaner works, from the farthest part of the bathroom to the exit, from plumbing to decorating and folding towels – this is a journey of a complete bathroom renovation. Can get rough, longer or more expensive than expected, but we hope our suggestions will help you out to create it as you dreamt it up. It is pleasing too when a bathroom reflects some of your spirit. The biggest secret lies in choosing the details that will reflect your own personality and make you feel cozy and comfortable. Bathroom should be a sanctuary where you will feel relaxed afer a tiring day. Try to choose upgrades depending on your needs and daily personal care routine. Before renovating, make sure your vision is fully understood by a building contractor. If you look for specialists who speak your language, you can send us an enquiry anytime to get helpful instructions and renovation experts at your door. From driveways, through bathrooms, to roofing – we help to turn dream projects into reality in East Sussex.


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