The loft-style flat – the ultimate interior design idea

Spaces decorated and furnished in loft-style became a big hit in recent years. Arrangement solutions, characteristic of this style, are extremely elegant and stylish, regardless of the size and layout of the flat, so it is not a wonder why it reigns supreme for several seasons now. Would you like to find out how a loft-style flat looks like? Let us tell you all about it.

Characteristics of a loft flat

A flat designed in the loft-style frequently referred to as industrial, should primarily be functional and provide a suitable, comfortable living space. What distinguishes loft style from others is, above all, space utilized in the most practical way possible. We can confidently say that the loft-style interior is simultaneously rather minimalistic, as its design serves merely as a background for functional solutions. We will not find many trinkets in such interiors. However, it does not mean that in such flats, accessories are absent nevertheless, they shall be functional. Materials commonly used to furnish industrial spaces include mainly wood, metal, brick, and stone.  As far as the colour scheme of industrial interiors is concerned, it should be as universal as possible. Therefore, colours such as black, graphite, grey or white work well in this case.


Loft-style housing is one of the most gripping trends in flat renovation nowadays. These raw and practical solutions not only look appealing but are also relatively inexpensive to implement. Hence, if you fancy natural materials and minimalistic interiors, now is the time for you.


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