They say buying a house is one of life’s great achievements. They also say that building a house is one of life’s greatest stresses.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Building a house will take time. From finding a plot, seeking building permission, to designing your home, these steps alone can take anywhere between 3-8 months if EVERYTHING goes to plan. Hit some roadblocks though, and you can expect this timeframe to increase.

On the other hand, buying a house will also usually take many months as everyone in the chain rushes to sell their house to buy their new one. All this waiting around is comparable to the grueling task of watching paint dry. Then one day, just when you thought the paint was dry, low and behold, you receive a call saying that your sale has fallen through! Some people go through this process several times only to call it quits and stay where they are!

Cut Out the Chain!

One of the beauties of building your own home is that there is no chain to worry about.

You are in charge from the very start. Furthermore, building your own home is akin to an artist starting a new work of art on a blank canvas. What better way to achieve the house of your dreams! You can be as extravagant or as bold as you wish and there are masses of different options when choosing the type of home you want, down to the structural materials, insulation types, technologies and finishes to name but a few.

Building a house is a great investment too. Typically, you will get more for your money compared like for like on purchasing a house.

But for us, the major selling point is the FACT that this house is YOUR home, built the way you wanted it.

No house purchase can beat that!

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You designed it. You built it. Now own it.

Building a house trumps buying any day of the week. Making sure that you work with the right contractor from start to finish is very important. Avant-Garde Construction has the expertise and passion to make your desire of building your dream home a reality.

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