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New Year’s Home Resolutions

It’s the time of the year when the majority of people around the world get motivated for a longer or shorter period. The time when the wind of change enters our minds, when we sum up, hope, decide and plan for the next 365 days. Or rather try making our best to plan and carry it out, especially when 2020 showed us how quickly the plans can get upside down. Probably more than in any other year, people spent time at home and this fact might be a great inspiration to mastermind a makeover or a house renovation for the next year. It’s the moment to do a little bit of revaluation on how we live in our home space nowadays. You may wrap up the year with setting up goals for your home, instead of vowing towards some temporary changes. Feel the spirit of new beginnings and let us guide you to make few New Year’s resolutions to improve your home!

First Things First: Declutering

A proper space revolution or a room makeover – both should start with cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things that are no longer in use. It’s the moment to not to have mercy for items from that last shelf. This time no more “maybe one day” excuses. After completing it, you will not only have a neat and clean house but with clutter, clearing comes to a clear mind to think about your new space. Step by step, one room at a time, and your home will simply look and feel different after decluttering. It’s an inexpensive and absolutely necessary way to raise the good energy level and set the foundation for upcoming redecoration.

The Renovation Preserver Called Plan

Statistics claim that every second Britisher make New Year’s resolutions, but only every twentieth is able to continue committing to those resolutions longer than till the end of January. Even if your motivation is strong like a rock, it’s better to start another task after completing the first one. Simultaneous renovation in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room is not the best option. You might get exhausted quickly and demotivated with dust all around. Probably, sooner or later, unexpected setbacks will be there too. Preparing a detailed schedule and sticking to it will help you. Usually, people work more effectively when they know exactly what to do and when that is why a well-prepared plan might be a lifesaver. The trend of creating an open space in a way that the kitchen, living area, home office, and playroom are the same space, seems to fade away. At current times many people learned the hard way that lack of privacy, in the end, becomes a lack of function too. Do not forget to include dreamed-of visualization of a completed project in your plan. Any additional motivation is precious when a crisis knocks on the door. By the way, it’s always nice to see the pretty interior design, right? It lightens the mood and the more you look at the project, the more ideas might come to your mind.

New Year’s Home Resolutions-agcg

New Year’s Home Resolutions

The Budget Dilemma

Even a small rearrangement can be impactful and that at a low cost. It all depends on good planning and practical visions. Think if you would rather invest in more fancy decor, which you can easily take with you in case of moving out in the future, or spend more on solid furniture that will last. On the other hand, if there is a plan for selling the property later, it’s advisable to invest in safety modules and premium materials which will increase value for a future sale and make interiors safe and sound. If your budget is limited, we suggest focusing on the most demanding space which calls for renovation or on the room where you spend most of your time. What can be better than redecorating your favorite space in the house to make it even more enjoyable and a little cozier than before? If the kitchen is the most loved interior, adding a well-organized pantry will be a cherry on top. The golden rule about doing less but in a decent and satisfying way should be a motto for any house renovation.

It’s the Time to Revamp!

This new year become a plant lady (or a gentleman!), purge your home of unnecessary items, but most importantly utilize your space to the maximum. Shake things up, rearrange your furniture, and optimize your rooms for better use of space. Revamp those forgotten corners as you may not only get more space for storing things but perhaps you will find some inspiration and get fresh energy with pimped up interiors. Think of creative ways for refreshing your entryway or for organizing a garage. The time has come to tackle a basement or an attic too. And as renovations go, the basement is a good place to start because it won’t limit the use of other vital spaces in your home. With smart rearranging, you might get a new home office, an extra room for meditation, or a kids’ playroom. Maybe your patio or driveway needs that extra care that you could never find time for? It’s the right moment to upgrade and personalize the electrical lighting inside and outside the house as well. To do so, we recommend starting with your entryway light, kitchen lighting, and bedroom lighting. At this point, it’s advisable to consider easy ways to make your house more cost efficient and energy efficient at the same time. Let us know what’s on your lists of resolutions and resolve to renovate this new year. Whether it’s an exterior improvement such as roofing, windows or siding, or an interior project like a new HVAC system, well-planned bathroom or kitchen remodel, you may contact us and the best renovation specialists will help you out with innovative solutions. May all your plans be successful in 2021!

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