Are you planning to build a new house? Building a new house is a very exciting time in a person’s life but get it wrong and it can turn into a financial pitfall. 

From wasted money to wasted time, the list goes on…

Be wiser about building your future home and go through a list of 3 mistakes that you should never make when building a new house.

1. Not having a Ground Investigation (Soil Analysis) survey.

Having found a piece of land that looks perfect for your home, you would be devastated to find out after digging starts that the ground is hazardous or that you need deeper foundations; especially when you did not want to spend large sums of money for extra work like this. Unfortunately, the groundwork and foundation stage in a build presents one of the most common situations where costly issues can arise, so it is very important to know what is in the soil that you are building on.

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Buildings crack when not placed on soil with proper foundations.

By having a soil analysis, which can include soil sampling and laboratory analysis, your contractor will be able to prepare the necessary design for foundations, ensuring that budgets for groundworks will not be exceeded.

You can also check out a blog with 3 most common home foundations by clicking on the link.

2. Not opting for “Design and Build”.

There are several reasons for choosing a contractor that offers design and build options and, in our opinion, this is the best way of going about your project. Not only will you save time since there is a single point of responsibility for you to deal with, it also makes things simpler and your ideas much more achievable.

Design-build (DB) will comprise 44% of construction spending between 2018 and 2021. During this time, DB construction spending will grow by 18% and reach over $320 billion.(£240 billion)

Our design team are experts at designing with the realities of the build in mind and will therefore advise you of the best way to achieve your desired results without having to go back and forth changing designs several times throughout the design process.

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3. Not adequately planning for site access and logistics.

Overlooking this step in the planning of your build can add unexpected costs to the project. Let’s say you have found a perfect plot but there is limited / restricted access to the site due to a narrow road, driveway or hillside. In these scenario’s you may need extra machinery to shift goods and materials to and from the site and you would realistically need them on site for much of the build which could add thousands of Pounds to your costs. No-one wants to overspend on their build, so it is always best to think about the access to the site when planning.

In truth, some of the most desirable sites can be tricky to get to so don’t let it get in the way of building your dream home – Just plan for every eventuality. 

If  you are planning to build a new house we would to give to you a FREE PDF ” 10 Steps To Build Your New House” ! Just download it using top bar! 

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