Let’s Be Jolly and Sane: Christmas Under Construction

It’s the time of the year when homes are filled with gingerbreads, DIY advent calendars and cinnamon spice fills the air. Everyone gets ready for family visits, homes are neat, lovely, bright and even more clean than any other time. But what if this year it’s not only rocking around Christmas tree but around paintbrushes, tiles and pipes too? Grand plans for finishing renovation before Christmas did not work out. It’s life and that’s why we got your back with tips on how to stay sane and jolly even under construction in December. No matter if you renovate a house or an apartment, there is a rule to follow at this special time of the year: do not rush. It’s super important to let go some mess and be mentally prepared that many services and trades stop working for a few weeks over Christmas. Putting pressure may result in untidy work or not precisely accomplished tasks. Being in a state of relative peacefulness will bring benefits for everyone at the construction site. Keeping in mind that all of this chaos will be worth it, same as every hole, hammer banging and dust piles will help you go through it and stay sane

Walls with flaws do not like sheen.

If you are not going to leave your renovation space for Christmas time, we suggest maintaining the space possibly organised. Tidiness keeps sanity and lets us stay more positive. It’s useful to get zipped plastic sheets that allow you to separate dusty space from the rest of the house and give easy access when needed too. Organised chaos will make you feel less stressful. When all the dust will be out and boxes kept in an organised manner, you will have some space for minimal decorations at this crazy jolly time. To bring some festive cheer within minimal space, you might think of a Christmas tree on the wall. It can be done with a decorative stencil, a sticker or you may let your kids paint it on the wall in a room where walls will be re-wallpapered or repainted later. What’s a great thing, kids won’t remember that twinkling lights were limited or that a Christmas tree was in a weird spot, but they will remember fun while painting the walls with carols in the background. December’s unfinished renovation is a perfect chance to remind yourself that Christmas is not about the stuff and opulent decor, but about people, joy and memories which for sure will be one of a kind, because next year you’ll be in a brand new living space! Make the small things count this year. Christmas under construction can bring unforgettable memories and even it gets messy, your home might look like anything but Pinterest-worthy, do not hold regrets that renovation took longer than expected. It still can be the most wonderful time of the year and you’ll get a sentimental feeling through many years because of those unique moments mater the most after all. Have a merry renovation

Last but not least, you might get some help of technology in choosing the perfect fit for your walls. The most popular paint colour apps give you an option to try any colour you see and visualize it on the screen of a tablet or phone, as long as your camera can see your room’s walls. You may find your colour in artwork or in a lighter or darker shade of your favourite T-shirt. In a nutshell, try to be consistent with the colour scheme and follow your heart, because you should feel the best in your interiors. Feel free to ask us for more detailed and comprehensive suggestions. Our renovation specialists are always ready to give a piece of advice.

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