Avant-Garde Construction - How to Make the Perfect Kid’s Room?

How to Make the Perfect Kid’s Room?

This is not an easy task, but if planned well can be a fun experience too. Creating a room for a kid might be a challenge because the process requires connecting functionality and safety. Surely it must be enjoyable and pretty for the little ones. Whether you are about to start from scratch or planning the renovation of an existing room, today we got you covered with the best tips on how to make the perfect kid’s room. Hopefully, before you reached here, you did not get overwhelmed with thousands of cozy corners on Instagram.


Where to Start?

No matter if it is the first room for a baby or a room renovation for a growing child, it is a great move to choose a motive. It will allow you to match particular parts in a cohesive design idea. This way you will get a clearer image of how the room should look like and probably you will be more precise in communicating your vision to a renovating specialist. When it comes to a child’s interior, usually less is more. Minimum furniture will provide more space to play, but do not forget about well-thought storage space too. Its functionality will make your life easier and it will accompany your little one in first organization lessons and clean-ups. Jungle topic or boho-inspired rooms are not only trendy and stylish but give lots of options for being creative. For example, you may think to include a swing, a tent-inspired bed, or an adorable safari wallpaper which will make your child interested in naming all the animals. Imagination is the only limit, or maybe time as well. A room for a little explorer might become the most loved space of your home! Just try to consider renovation time around school holidays or when grandparents are ready to spend some more time with their grandchild.




Double P: Practical & Playful

Adding patterns and textures is a curiosity booster and will make it easier for any rearrangements in the future. Careful use of materials, playful structures, and shapes will create a Pinterest-worthy room in which every kid would like to spend time. To discourage a child from writing or painting on the walls, a smart solution is to incorporate a blackboard surface on a part of the wall that will be dedicated to all the drawings. A super important aspect of making the perfect kid’s room is to feel like a little human for a while, with his height and needs. It will help in a better understanding of safety too. All the sharp edges should be secured and sockets covered. Do not neglect to light, we would suggest at least three different sources of light. Apart from the centrally located lamp, it is practical to have a warm, cozy bed-time lamp and a bright focused light next to a sturdy desk or a baby changing table depends on the child’s age. Additionally, fairy lights or glow-in-the-dark stars can add some magic and coziness too. A kid-friendly space is a key to creating a room that will be the perfect environment for growing up. Minimalism and comfortable alternatives to traditional furnishing might inspire more, will not ruin the budget, and will provide easier solutions for future rearrangements. Let us know which idea you liked the most. If you have any queries regarding space renovation, our specialists are ready to help you out.


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