House extension vs. superstructure – which is more efficient?

When thinking of enlarging your home, then with all the formalities in mind, you need to consider how to do it. You can choose between a house extension and a superstructure. These solutions considerably differ, as an extension involves adding extra rooms, while a superstructure is the addition of storeys. Fortunately, today we will characterize both variants.

House extension

To carry a house extension in compliance with the law, in addition to the previously mentioned formalities, you need to meet several other conditions. These include choosing the correct wall; with no windows and located near the existing utility rooms. This way, the installation of electricity, gas and water supply will not be a problem. Furthermore, it is vital to have professional expertise and adhere to it, as it ensures that the building to be extended has suitable reinforcement. It is, therefore, best to entrust this part to a reliable and well-known construction company. It will ensure the safety of the structure and save you problems as well as expenses in the future.


Building extra floors is an option often chosen by investors, whose plots are insufficient for a full-fledged extension and who dispose of considerable financial resources, as superstructure is usually a considerably bigger investment of money and time spent on completing the formalities. However, it is a great idea to significantly increase the size of your home without losing the square footage of your garden, so provided you can afford such a financial contribution, it is the best option.

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