From Dreams to Projects

Turning dreams into reality is a goal for many.

Probably some have written in a beautiful planner, a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodeling, or a makeover as a new year’s resolution for 2021. Nowadays, not only planners have become a huge trend, but more and more people think about rearranging and upgrading their gardens. For almost a year, homes are offices and schools at the same time, so for a huge amount of people a terrace or a garden is a must and a sanctuary to be with your own thoughts for a while. Maybe you would agree that green space design might get difficult at times. Ofen it needs more planning than arranging a living room for example. If you too dream of London’s Garden Bridge micro but existing version, keep reading!


Yard, terrace, patio, and garden are extensions of the living space. They complement the house so it’s important to take care of their look and functionality. Technically, everything that stands outside the home, is a part of landscaping. If it’s not clear how to start the dream garden project and what to start with, contacting a landscaping designer will be the best option. The specialist will explain to you what are the best solutions according to your budget, space, possibilities and will share what’s needed to be done, to match the green design in an aesthetic way with the style of the property. Landscaping is not only about lawns and flower borders, but driveways, walkways, and fences as well. Some say it’s also knowledge on how to hide from neighbors in a pretty, good-looking way.


Garden solutions are limitless. Probably only your imagination can set up the limit. Even small yards can become top green projects, regardless size of the area, if only well-planned. Climbing plants, container gardens, and wall-hangers will fit well in tighter outdoor spaces. If you are the owner of a furry friend, you need to keep in mind that some plants in your new garden project might be dangerous. There are several flowers and shrubs which are poisonous to dogs and cats. We suggest to do not forget checking the list and informing your landscape designer as well. In Eastbourne East Sussex we always keep that in mind.



Lastly, it’s absolutely necessary to mention a challenging decision, which is a choice of paving material. Ideally, it should be a combo of features, like being weather-resistant, not slippery, easy to maintain, and with a beautiful correspondence to the house and landscaping. Some of the worth-considering options are grey stone tiles, light-colored cobblestones, or pink flagstones. Variety is the spice of life, so you can also mix different colors and shapes of assorted pavers, to create a unique, good-looking walkway or patio surface.


There’s no doubt, that home landscaping design increases real estate value. We hope that seed for your green project has been planted. If you are looking for professional services in East Sussex or around, we are just a call away! Sadly, The Garden Bridge project over the Thames got forgotten, but if you dream of a mini one, we can surely design it in your garden.


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