These Are Your Five Best Friends When Building a New Home

You’ve looked through the listings, visited dozens of homes, and can’t quite find the perfect place. Hope is not lost, however, because you have the option to build a custom home that fits you and your family’s lifestyle and budget. But you do not want to do it alone. When it’s time to begin, you’ll want to make a few new acquaintances who can help you along the way.

The five most important people in your home-building journey are your real estate specialist, architect, homebuilder, interior designer, and financer.

Real Estate Specialist

You’ll want to choose the right real estate specialist to ensure a smoother process of finding and buying the perfect spot. When interviewing estate agents, ask lots of questions. For example, you’ll want to ask about any fees they charge and whether they’ve ever had a formal complaint filed against them. You may also ask if they have an assistant or other individual with whom you will be working.


Your architect will help you design your perfect home. They will discuss your preferred size, room placement, and any special needs you might have, such as accessibility requirements. A good architect can also help you come up with solutions for unusual requests. They can help you choose the right materials to ensure your home is built well and within your budget. Choosing an architect takes time, and like choosing a real estate professional, you will need to ask many questions before settling. Don’t forget to inquire about their portfolio and availability.


A homebuilder works with you and your architect to ensure that your design comes to life. There are many people claiming to build custom homes, so picking the right individual or company is not easy. Your first priority is to take a look at the quality of their previous projects and work with an experienced contractor renowned for expert craftsmanship and service like Avant-Garde Construction.

Interior Designer

Your architect can put your dreams on paper and your builder can make it real, but your interior designer will bring it all together. This individual can help you choose finishing touches that make sense for your life. By hiring a professional designer, you will save time and money, but you’ll also have an advocate on your side who can communicate with your architect and contractors so you don’t have to. Your designer can also put you in touch with the right people to finalize your plans.


Whether you choose a bank or a traditional mortgage company is completely up to you. However, make sure that you establish a relationship with your loan officer. There are different types of new construction loans, and your financing professional can help you make a better decision based on the potential length of time it takes to complete the property, your credit score, and current finances. The wrong loan can end up costing you thousands of dollars, but the right person on your side can save you money and headaches. Before speaking to a financing professional, utilize an online mortgage calculator to get an idea how much you can afford.

You will meet many other people on your journey to building your perfect home. But you’ll want the five people listed above by your side from start to finish — and beyond. Remember that you’re not alone, and the more people who have your back, the better off you’ll be.

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