Building a house step by step - part two

Building a house step by step – Part two

You must have been waiting impatiently for the second entry in the series: Building a house step by step. And rightly so, because today we have prepared something interesting for you, namely legal issues and requirements to be met by the plot before we begin the building process.

Avant-Garde Construction - Builders in Sussex and Eastbourne

Avant-Garde Construction – Builders in Sussex and Eastbourne

Building a house – legal aspects and requirements

Before we can proceed, our project must first be approved and relevant authorities must issue permits for everything from zoning and land grading to septic systems, house construction, electrical and plumbing work. Once we obtained all the licenses we can start with physical construction.

Phases of accepting a plot of land for development:

  1. Establishment of the acceptable use and legal status of the property or acquisition of the property – verifying whether the property can be managed following the investment plan.
  2. Establishment of the land development conditions and preparation of the construction project based on the zoning decision. In the absence of a zoning plan adopted by the municipal council, we need to apply for the issuance of a decision on development conditions.
  3. Obtaining a construction permit – a decision opening the way to the execution of construction works. The builder attaches the construction design to the application and the required settlements, from which it follows that the statutory requirements regarding environmental and land protection.

That’s it for today’s post. We hope it proved useful to you. See you in part three!


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