Building a house step by step – Part 6

In this part of our series Construction of house step by step we will touch upon very important final stages of preparing the surface for the stage of finishing and interior arrangement, namely heating, insulation, assembly and finishing as well as completion of works, acceptance, checks and protocols. There is a lot of information, so there is no need to prolong the introduction. Let us proceed.

External insulation

External thermal insulation is particularly relevant in the construction industry, because it allows to significantly reduce the costs of heating and operating the house. The use of modern technologies allows for minimal heat loss, rapid heating of rooms, as well as maintaining optimal humidity levels inside. It can be performed on a house already built and in use, however, throwing it into the construction costs will pay off quickly, moreover, it will not require conducting renovations in the future and will allow to avoid related inconveniences.

Installation and finishing

This is the stage when the heating equipment is installed, i.e. the cooker, radiators and possibly a fireplace. Then the interior is finished, including:

  • execution of partition walls,
  • finishing of the basement, attic,
  • finishing the walls,
  • installation of lighting,
  • laying of floors,
  • finishing the bathroom, kitchen,
  • installation of heating,
  • painting walls,
  • other finishing works.

Completion of works –  documentation

After the completion of construction works, it remains to clean up the area, take away from it the information board, temporary fencing, objects set up on the plot for the purpose of construction, machinery and equipment. This is followed by:

  • acceptance of construction and installation works – confirmed by an entry in the construction log,
  • checking and acceptance of connections and internal installations, including ventilation, electrical, water, gas and chimney ducts,
  • issuance of an energy performance certificate, which specifies the source of energy and its consumption.

In order for the house to be accepted, it will also be necessary to make a geodetic inventory, i.e. to take measurements and plot all objects on a base map. You can wait for these documents for about a month, but you can meet the surveyor earlier and use this time to carry out finishing works. You wait about a month for these documents, but you can meet with the surveyor sooner and use this time to carry out the finishing work.

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