Building a house step by step – Part 5

Building a detached house is a multi-stage project and a significant investment. It requires commitment and prudence in planning the individual steps in order to reliably build the house of your dreams. Awareness of each stage of house construction leads to lower costs of the entire investment and allows to make sensible decisions in situations requiring quick reaction. In today’s post, we will look at the final stage, the finishing touches to the built house.

Where to start when finishing your house?

A lot depends on the time of year, and more specifically on the ambient temperature. If the finishing works begin in the spring or late summer, all the work can be done in the order suggested by us before the onset of frost. If we finish the house in late autumn or winter, the priority will be closing the building and starting the heating system. Windows and exterior doors will have to be installed first, even though carpentry manufacturers (especially wooden ones) usually recommend installing them only after the wet work is done. In order not to lose the guarantee, they will have to be effectively protected, e.g. with thick foil, against scratching and dampness, and plastering works will have to be carried out with due care. It is also possible to replace traditional plasters and screeds with dry technologies and use plasterboards and gypsum screeds to finish rooms.

What is the most favourable order of the initial finishing works?

The work should begin with floors, and more precisely with their levelling. The bearing layer of the floor on the ground is often made of lean concrete and it is not always done with due care. Therefore, it usually needs to be levelled and additionally reinforced with concrete screed. If the irregularities are small, it is possible not to level them or to apply a thin layer of self-levelling mortar. However, in the case of bigger irregularities, it is better to lay a layer 3 cm thick of fine-grained concrete and rub it smoothly.

Next, we move to the electrical installation. When the floor is finished, you should proceed to laying electrical wires of all types of installations. Apart from the standard one, this includes tele-technical, aerial and alarm installations.

At the same time we can perform installation of water and sewage system. Therefore, already at this stage you need to decide on the layout of the kitchen and bathroom.

That is all for the moment. In the next parts we will tell you about the next steps in finishing your house, such as Thermal insulation, damp proofing and heating installation.

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