Convert existing space to better suit your lifestyle

Converting existing space in your home is a great way to get more out of it with the least amount of hassle and expense. There are several types of conversions, with the most popular being, open-plan conversions, garage conversions, loft conversions, and basement conversions.
Avant-Garde Construction has experience in every one of these, and the expertise and eye for detail to get the best results out of the space you want to convert. Some of the many reasons for converting existing space include creating a new bedroom, bathroom/shower room, playroom, home gym, home office, games room, entertainment/media room, study, home recording studio to name just a few. If you are thinking of having a conversion done, we would be happy to offer you our expert advice and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Open-plan conversion

By removing some internal walls and a bit of remodelling, you can create a fresh, open-plan living space that can be much more functional for today’s modern lifestyles. Plus, depending on the scale of work, the process is relatively easy and not very time-consuming. The process is made a little more complicated when working with load-bearing walls, but this is part of a normal day’s work to us, so there is no need to worry.

Garage Conversion

With a garage conversion, you can add additional space to your home in as little as a few weeks and for a relatively small price tag. The process is relatively straight forward and is significantly cheaper than having an extension.
The options in converting a garage are endless, and some of the most popular reasons for converting such a space is to create a home office, a home gym, a cinema room, or even a games room.

Loft Conversion

The loft conversion is another simple and effective way to add space to your home and is an extremely popular option for many reasons. Plus, if you have a large loft space and do not need to alter any of the existing structures, you do not need planning permission making the process much simpler. There is also another loft conversion option available called a dormer loft conversion, which will create an even bigger space (over and above a simple loft conversion) that can be very comfortable and inviting and seamlessly integrated into the look and feel of the existing home.

Basement excavation and conversion

Converting a basement is another great way to create more space, especially if you have a basement that is not being used for anything meaningful. There are varying degrees of basement conversions from basic ones to more complex ones that require excavation and expansion to create sufficient height to be habitable spaces. The latter creates a larger and more complex project, which we are fully capable of undertaking, as we have done so in the past.