A Peaceful Refuge in Summer? Start Landscaping Before Spring!

A Peaceful Refuge in Summer? Start Landscaping Before Spring!

Who does not dream about relaxing afer a long day at work in a charming, verdant abode? It is scientifically proved that green, leafy areas have a beneficial influence on our nervous system and a protective effect on mental well-being.

Why the verdant above is so important for our health?

We are quicker to recover from stress and less likely to experience depression, if we spend some time in nature or around plants. That is why creating greener and beter planned space around the house is a wise step to take for improving overall health. It is completely understandable that some already think of upcoming spring. Today we would like to provide you with top ideas for landscaping, but not only, as it can be yard-scaping, patio makeover or balcony upgrade as well. The best suggestions for rearranging outdoor space around the house so that you can be ready with a thoughtful plan for a peaceful, green refuge before spring comes!

We know what you want!

From constructing fences and pathways, to creating an organic vegetable section or maybe even a water fountain – all depends on your budget, needs and size of the space. No mater if we talk about a huge backyard or a balcony, the budget should be set in the beginning as it is super easy to spend extra here and there, when it comes to elements which cause state of bliss. Designing your garden or yard should be a fun and rewarding experience, but if it is not your kind of activity, then much better option for your mind and for the final effect would be hiring an expert. In Eastbourne East Sussex we can definitely guide you through the design and construction process, as landscaping, driveways, groundworks are our bread and buter. Although, if you do not live nearby, a professional advice can be provided online too. Did you know that landscaping is a process which combines science and art? Contemporary landscape design is a celebration of colour. Creating a palete for your landscape helps to determine the colour theory of the project in advance, so that the selection of plants, materials, accents and trim is coordinated. The beauty of landscaping and gardening lies in multiple possibilities of solutions, plants and features for every lifestyle, as well as every taste. An efectively conducted landscaping project, similarly as a nicely designed, cosy balcony, increases the value of a property.

Projects, Plans, Inspiration

The green project should be an enhancement of your exterior home. The rule is to either compliment or contrast style and colours of the exterior concept and architecture. For a relax section it is essential to consider, how much shadow will be optimal and practical for you. It is important to think about maintenance, plants’ growth and natural barriers in your neighbourhood. A wonderful idea is to keep plants which are loved by bees, that your outdoor space can contribute in saving bees, one yard at a time! Of course we suggest taking an online stroll through Pinterest and Instagram, to seek inspiration and get even more ready for creating own, green paradise. What is your dream garden or terrace design? We would be happy to know.


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