7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

Space – most people want more of it and usually want it now. Each home and apartment owner would like to have lots of space and there is no doubt that every next level of life will demand some adaptation, including room transformations due to growing children for example. With such scenarios, every single inch can matter if space is limited. Moving to a new, bigger house is not always an option so thankfully, there are ways to extend your living space without buying a new property. Here are seven smart ways to get more space in your home!

7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

Light It Up!

Interiors which are lightened up catch visitor’s attention and simply make one feel better. Light plays an incredibly important role in our lives and our rooms as well. A lack of dark corners in a room makes it looks bigger and cosier. So how do you do it? Consider putting on wider windows than usual and if that is not an option, we suggest changing curtains for light ones, made of tulle or muslin and in pastel colours. You might have to forget about heavy curtains, draping or tiny patterns, especially in smaller rooms. For a bedroom to keep intimacy and light from outside controlled, think about Roman window blinds instead of long, dark curtains. The key is proper floodlighting too because the more you plan the better it turns out. A room looks bigger with various sources of light. Also, when the light is directly pointed at the ceiling, it will make it look higher and will add some spaciousness.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Many already know about what happens when a mirror enters a room. In some cases, space can be perceived as doubled. But how do you do it well? A salient point to remember is that a horizontal mirror makes a room look wider while a mirror hung vertically, makes it look higher. The best place for a mirror is usually in front of the door or its corners. Additionally, a frame plays a lead role too. The lighter, more delicate and simpler it is, the more space you shall perceive to receive.

Make Your Furniture Wear Heels

High heels or just longer legs are not only some women’s dreams. Surprisingly, furniture needs them too to help us create optically bigger spaces. Furthermore, daylight enters the room more freely and evenly if the furniture is not touching the floor. If you are rearranging the living room and looking for a dream sofa, you might need to remember that one with higher legs will make a huge difference. Even such a small change with an old couch or armchair, will add lightness and recreate the space. It is a growing trend in furniture renovation too. Small rooms and light furniture make a perfect couple. Dreams about spaciousness in tiny places can only come true when heavy wardrobes, bulky bookcases and high dressers are avoided. Simple shapes, rather shorter than higher, horizontal furniture should be explored to let extra space in. If you have a bigger budget, you might consider getting customized furniture which would be multi functionally designed and dedicated to your own space, prioritizing roominess at the same time. Last but not least, a sofa in the middle of a spacious living room and a sofa in the heart of a small room will not look equally good. In the latter case, it will make the room look smaller.

Floor vs Metric Area

The most effective way to stretch the space visually is to find the perfect fit for the floor. It represents a large part of every room so it can either provide spaciousness if selected wisely, or it can make the room look smaller. Depending on the materials you are interested in, there are always good and bad options. What is the perfect fit then? For example, if you are a natural wood lover, it is advisable to choose less visible grains to create a feeling of a bigger space. Sizeable and clear fibres are great for a rustic look, but unfortunately, not for small square meterage. A similar rule applies to flooring panels. To extend the space it is advised to opt for a muted texture of the floor. Another golden tip is to place panels perpendicularly towards the wall where there is a window. It might seem a not compelling detail, but it will make a difference as daylight will not create shadows which can optically reduce space. If it is not the time for renovation at your place, you might refresh wooden floors with light colour paint. Refreshing dark wood with white or grey enamel paint, especially with a little shine, will create a mirage of an extended room. Lastly, it is essential to mention a master of spacious illusion: polished gres. Such flooring illuminates the interior, making the polished gres the best increasing space alternative of its kind.

Less Is More

Every room looks bigger when it is neat and tidy. Avoiding mess is an everyday challenge which all of us face and sometimes we forget that when we have fewer items, it’s easier to keep them in dedicated places. An old, golden rule says the less stuff you have, the more space you get!

Firstly essentials, secondly decorations with keeping minimalism in mind. To maximize space use a few eye-catching, decorative pieces which complement the interior and correspond with your vision and style. It is better to invest in just a few items which are well-thought-out than to make a room look overwhelming and crowded with random decor. In a kitchen and bathroom, you can utilize space effectively by placing objects strategically inside cupboards rather than keeping them outside. This little trick helps in getting more space too. With fewer items lying around, it will make the interior look more stylish. When it comes to storage options, vertical storage and shelving in your pantry or kitchen are preferable for a more spacious look.

There are many other ways to make your home look roomier than it is. By manipulating furniture, mirrors, and lightning with appropriate flooring, you may achieve your desired brightness and airiness in your home. Do you know any other tips for creating extra space? Do let us

know what has worked in your interiors. The organization, planning, and knowledge matter the most when it comes to living arrangements. If you are thinking about a home extension or renovation, please contact us for more effective suggestions.

7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

7 Smart Ways to Get More Space at Home

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